The House on Melody Street, Part 2


The House on Melody Street is a heart-warming story accompanied by a symphonic score performed by a 60 piece orchestra. The musical score represents the dialogues between the various characters, portraying each one with it’s own unique sound, similarly to the all-time classic ‘Peter And The Wolf’.

The storyline, set forth in rhymes, includes lessons about family values, the importance of friendship, tolerance and mutual understanding. The story takes place in a five story house in which the five musical- instrument families of the orchestra live: Strings, Woodwinds, Percussion, Brass and Pluck. As the story unfolds, we discover that living together is no easy task, when one isn’t willing to accept the other’s differences: Timpani is too loud, Harp’s cats run through the track, Snare is a bully and Trombone’s cooking stinks.

But then, one sunny morning, a new neighbor arrives and creates a plan to help them learn how to live in harmony.

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