Bookful is the leading AR library for children, using augmented reality
and 3D animations to bring books to life for children ages 3-9.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit™
The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck™
The Tale of Benjamin Bunny™
Dinosaur Days
DK Children’s Encyclopedia
Hey Ho, to Mars We Go!
The House on Melody Street, Part I
The House on Melody Street, Part 2
The House on Melody Street, Part 3
The House on Melody Street, Part 4
Eight Days Gone
Stories from Genesis
Sleepy Cheetah
Turtle Bay
The Epic Voyage of Sir Benjamin Sweet
The Little Pharoah
DK Children’s Encyclopedia: Space
The Adventures of Billy Bear
Noah’s Shark
Monkey Blue and Friends
Monkey Blue – SnowFlakes and Christmas Cakes
Unicorn Prince
Bug Hunt
What on Earth is Under My Bed?
The Boy
The Monsters’ Brawl
Dr. Mom’s Super-Duper Cookbook of Science You Can Eat
First Greek Myths: King Midas’s Goldfingers
First Greek Myths: Pegasus the Flying Horse
The Bonkers Banana
The Jungle
First Greek Myths: Jason and the Golden Fleece
First Greek Myths: The Secret of Pandora’s Box
Girls with Guts
First Greek Myths: Odysseus and the Wooden Horse
First Greek Myths: Icarus, the Boy Who Could Fly
First Greek Myths: Perseus and the Monstrous Medusa
First Greek Myths: Theseus and the Man Eating Monster
First Greek Myths: Arion the Dolphin Boy
First Greek Myths: Arachne, The Spider Woman
There’s No Such Thing
Fairy Tales: Hansel and Gretel
Fairy Tales: Snow White and Rose Red
Clark the Shark: Afraid of the Dark
Clark the Shark Takes Heart
Fairy Tales: The Sleeping Beauty
The Chicken and the Egg
Michelle Young

My daughter is finally enjoying reading, and she loves the books on Bookful. It also encourages learning for kids and teens alike.

Laurent Poirot
My kid loves this app, it makes books come alive. Wonderful stories for all ages, and incredible augmented reality books and games.
Laura Lambert
Writer and Mom

As the mom of a reluctant reader, I know all too well the push-pull of reading apps… Luckily, there are developers and book lovers who are collaborating to create something right where my kid’s interests and my intentions intersect. One of the latest is Bookful, which — as its tagline promises — brings books to life through augmented reality (AR)… In a word, it’s delightful.