Augmented reality enhances the real-life environment by adding computer-generated objects into your existing surroundings.
AR is an incredibly powerful tool that deeply enhances the educational value of a book. Augmented reality makes reading fun and exciting, which instills in children a strong passion for it. By making plot and characters interactive, augmented reality allows readers to gain a deeper understanding of a book’s content. Augmented reality engages visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners alike by enhancing a book’s interactivity and generating additional stimuli. AR book animations also provide relevant facts and information that go beyond the pages of a book.
It’s easy to use and works with any Apple phone or tablet device.
Once you’ve downloaded Bookful, simply open the app and select a book. You can choose between two modes – read or play.
To read with Bookful, start swiping through the pages. Either read the story yourself or select ‘narration mode’ to have it read aloud to you. You can zoom in to see the animations up close or keep swiping to hear more of the story.
To activate full AR mode, select the AR button on the right of the screen and then tap on any surface to place the book on it. Make sure that you lift your device, that there is enough light in the room, and that you’re not covering the camera. In full AR you can move your phone around to see the animations from different angles as they come to life in your real life room.
Play mode is interactive. After you select an activity, play by tapping on the device.
Bookful is available in the iOS app store and can be used on any device with AR capabilities that also has iOS 12 or newer. You can check out the list of AR-ready devices from Apple here
Bookful is free to download. There is an option to purchase additional content through in-app purchases.
Yes! You don’t need the physical book to use Bookful. Activate the app by pointing your device at any surface and the book will appear in front of you along with the animations. 
Bookful has an ever-growing catalogue of available books, with more books being added each month. For a full list of books, click here.
Our user interface is designed to be super user-friendly, especially for children. Bookful encourages children to explore books independently and allows for children to read by themselves or with an adult, or have the story narrated to them. While independent reading is certainly encouraged, Bookful also provides parents and children with an opportunity to engage in a magical reading experience together.
Yes. Our hope is that just as a child would return to the same physical book, a child would return to a book in AR multiple times. In fact, Bookful’s AR books and activities are designed to encourage children to interact with them repeatedly.
No. The Bookful app is under 70 MB.
NO! But we hope to help your child get addicted to reading!
Yes, Bookful is completely safe for children. All content is designed for children and as such, all content is age appropriate. Parents can also monitor the content their child can access.