Creating A Magical, Playful Universe For Book Lovers

    Bookful, by Inception XR, is the leading Augmented Reality app that provides magical AR experiences for a broad
collection of children’s books and is available today worldwide on the App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Store.

Our Educational Vision

In the digital era, children are reading less while having more unproductive screen time.

Bookful prides itself as leaders in the AR space, unlocking the solution to address today’s reading challenges. Bookful has transformed reading into a 3-Dimensional, AR interactive learning experience.

With Bookful, kids are finally reading more, with an average of 20 books a month!

Our Executive Team

Benny Arbel

CEO & Founder

Dana Porter

CMO & Founder

Effi Wizen

CCO & Founder

Andrew Mendoza


Meytal Sedaka


Gigi Levy Weiss

Board Member

Peleg Bahar


Rainbow Dash

Longtail Operations


VP Marketing

Clark the Shark

VP Product

Pink Pony

Assistant Librarian

Bookful is brought to you by Inception. Inception delivers XR apps in key content categories, by combining a proprietary tech platform, exclusive content IP, cross-platform distribution and a global creative network.

Our unique XR platform uses proven templates and engines to drive scalable, cost-effective, premium XR content across platforms, devices and verticals.




Start your magical journey today!

Bookful is available across thousands of devices, on multiple platforms.